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About Me

The Wise Owl Tutor Kent


My name's Michelle and I'm an outstanding primary school teacher with almost 25 years experience teaching KS1 and KS2 children. I graduated in 2002 with BA(hons)QTS and since then, I've taught in a variety of schools across Kent- latterly in years 5 and 6. I was also a Leading Literacy teacher for the county.

A little more about me:

I'm a mum to my teenage son, Charlie, and we live with my husband and two cats and two sausage dogs by the sea in Herne Bay. I love the beach, warm sunny days and baking; I hate slugs and glitter so a glittery slug would be my worst nightmare!

One day, I decided to take a leap of faith and set up my own business and so The Wise Owl Tutor was born.

I'm committed to ensuring that each and every child can reach their potential; that's one of the reasons that I became a private tutor. I recognise that some children find it difficult to thrive in a busy classroom environment. Many lack confidence and self- esteem while others may struggle to keep up with the pace and for those children, 1:1 tuition in a comfortable home environment could make all the difference.

Like everyone else during the pandemic, I found myself needing to adapt my work to an online method of teaching. While this did present its own challenges (laptop not working, Internet dropping out, saying, “You’re on mute!” what felt like a thousand times a day), it proved incredibly effective. Therefore, I now also offer remote sessions, which for many, fit in much better with our hectic schedules of school pick- ups, after school clubs, preparing the evening meal, homework duties etc. 

Each session- one to one or remote- lasts for an hour during which I provide your child with a carefully planned, personalised lesson suited to their learning style, needs and which also builds on their strengths. For some, this means focussed work to develop key Literacy and Numeracy skills while others may need support in preparing them for the Kent Test. As the sessions progress, I will get to know your child, their preferred way of learning and generally understand what makes them tick. I will endeavour to make each session as engaging as possible through the use of resources such as maths manipulatives and games, lots of encouragement and plenty of praise (there may also be some home baked goodies on offer too!).

As a parent myself, I understand the pressures of family life and the guilt we often feel when trying to juggle everything that life throws at us. Tutoring is not just for those who feel that they are struggling at school or are preparing for the Kent Test; any child can benefit from the focussed, tailor-made support that I can offer.

Please do contact me if you have any questions, you would like more details or you would like to book some lessons for your child.


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