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Welcome to The Wise Owl Tutor, your premier tutoring service in Kent. I offer the perfect solution to your child's academic needs, providing personalised support and guidance beyond the classroom.
I specialise in the Kent Test.
Private tuition for children in KS1 & 2. KS3 Maths.
Foundation GCSE Maths (grades 1-5) Functional Skills Maths Level 1&2.

Emma, mum to Violet

"Michelle is a fabulous teacher! She has made maths fun for Violet and turned her from being anxious and stressed when doing maths to having big smiles, happy and confident!! She can’t wait to start each lesson and that is because Michelle uses techniques which are fun, creative and work".

Sarah, mum to Molly

"For anyone with ‘not so little ones’ who started year 5 this term, If you are starting to think about the Kent Test (11+) in 2024, this very Wise Owl has been supporting my daughter throughout the last year. My daughter sat her 11+ last week. She may pass, she may not. Whatever will be will be. But Michelle has been amazing with her all year and her confidence has grown not only with testing but over all. My daughter felt calm, confident and prepared for her 11+ and came home feeling that she has tried her hardest and was very pleased with herself. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. She has been amazing and I can safely say the whole family will miss her beaming into our dining room once a week. Thank you Michelle!  You. Are. Amazing!! ."

Jenni, mum to Anthony

“Michelle is an amazing tutor. Anthony left his first session saying, “Mum she makes learning so much fun. Can I see Michelle everyday?” Each session Anthony grows in confidence and always wants to challenge himself when he gets home. This week Anthony received a certificate in the post which was a lovely surprise. If you are looking for a tutor I would highly recommend The Wise Owl as I cannot thank her enough for everything she does for Anthony.”
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